Gregory Lisciandro


Greg received his DVM from Cornell and susequently completed an internship at The Animal Medical Center, New York City and an emergency and critical care residency at the Emergency Pet Center, San Antonio Texas.  He developed and published the clinical utility of AFAST®, its target-organ approach and its fluid scoring system, TFAST®, and Vet BLUE® (veterinary brief lung ultrasound exam).

Greg advocates their use combined as our 3rd veterinary ultrasound format named Global FAST® authoring over 17 peer-review related clinical studies. He is an ACVECC At-large Regent and a member of the ACVECC Education Guidelines, Student Certification, and Scientific Committees.  He has been practicing for approximately 28-years with about half in general practice and half in emergency and critical care, most recently as Chief of Emergency Medicine and Critical Care, Emergency Pet Center.

Currently, he is a consultant for Hill Country Veterinary Specialists, President of the International Veterinary Point-of-care Ultrasound Society (; CEO of, specializing in Global FAST® and point-of-care ultrasound training; editor and chapter author of the textbook Focused Ultrasound Techniques for the Small Animal Practitioner, Wiley ©2014 translated in 6 languages - English, Spanish, Greek, Japanese, Chinese and Polish and its 2nd Edition, Point-of-care Ultrasound Techniques for the Small Animal Practitioner, Wiley ©2020.  

Greg has lectured and directed scanning workshops around the world and continues to lead in publishing clinically relevant, point-of-care and FAST ultrasound research.


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