Thomas E. Catanzaro


Dr Tom Cat (as known by most of the veterinary profession) is well-known for his publications which have altered the veterinary practice management paradigms of this profession over the past 20 years.  His first bachelor’s degree (Animal Science, major in genetics) was from Montana State University (1966); he entered the Army from Montana and learned medical administration during three Infantry assignments, including Viet Nam.  His DVM is from Colorado State University (1974) and his Master’s in Healthcare Administration is from Baylor University (1985). He is a charter member of Delta Society and American Association of Human Animal Bond (and was a past Treasurer). His 1991 board certification in the American College of Healthcare Executives was a first for a veterinarian; he must recertify every three years.  In 1996, he was selected for Fellow; less than 10% of the 30,000-plus members of the American College of Healthcare Executives are bestowed this honor.  He has 21 years active duty in the US Army, and retired in 1987 as an LTC, joined AAHA as Hospital Services Director, and left in 1991 to start Veterinary Practice Consultants (VPC®)), building the largest, veterinary-exclusive, diplomat-led, group of skilled practice consultants.

With 15 texts, 30-plus monographs, and over 300 periodical and proceeding publications, he has moved veterinary practice leadership and team-based healthcare delivery to the forefront of veterinary operational systems.  With three of his texts being architecturally-based, Tom Cat has actively pursued facility redesign to support team-based healthcare delivery; he specializes in pre-architect floor plan redesign and flow reviews for clients around the world.   He has staffed 19 week-long leadership courses and written three separate leadership syllabus in the past 25 years; only one was for the veterinary profession.  In 2004, the AVMA selected Dr. Catanzaro to roll-out the new wellness surveillance programs for practices, the THINK TWICE FOR LIFE program, and his initial presentation content template was used for the 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 presentation upgrades of the AVMA/FDAH program.  His consulting clients around the world are experiencing significant growth, while the traditional doctor-centered practices have been experiencing reduced client contact and decreasing net income.

Since 2007, Veterinary Consulting International (VCI®) expanded consulting services outside the USA and Canada, carrying the team-based healthcare delivery and wellness surveillance concepts “down under”, starting 39 consulting partners in Australia and 12 in New Zealand. In May 2009, he relocated to Brisbane, QLD, and in 2016, relocated back to Colorado; his home base now.  In his spare time, he actively supports Boy Scouting programs on the local and National level.  He also squeezes in speaking engagements as time allows.  Books 14 and 15 have been electronically published by VIN (free to download), a first in management or leadership texts, The Practice Success Prescription: Team-based Veterinary Healthcare Delivery (March 2008) and Promoting the Human Animal Bond in Veterinary Practice, 2nd Edition (March 2009).  In 2012, he received the AVMA Leo Bustad Companion Animal Veterinarian of the Year 2012 recognition, a ‘humbling honor’ in Tom’s own words.


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Speaker: Thomas Catanzaro